Honduras – Missions Update


On May 14, Steve Morris -- apostle, overseer and founder of Palabra Viviente, (which translates, Living Word Mission), went home to heaven.  We deeply love Steve and honor him for his many years of devotion and service in his missionary work in Honduras, Central America.  He has left a strong legacy in pioneering and establishing Christianity among the Garifuna and Hispanic people of Honduras, the training of pastors and leaders and the establishing of over thirty churches that are still growing and thriving today.

 A Celebration of Life service was held in Steve’s honor at Gateway Church followed by a second service held in the village of Corozal, Honduras.  At his request, Steve’s ashes where spread in the Caribbean Ocean off the coast of this Garifuna village.

 Although we are saddened at our loss and know Steve’s contribution will be greatly missed, we go forward with the call.  It is now time for the remainder of the team including the pastors and leaders in Honduras to continue to serve and execute the vision of growing leaders and planting churches.  Pastor Barry will continue his role as Apostolic Overseer of the ministry.  Matt and Lana Bender will lead a construction team in September to build a church in the village of Despertar in Colon.  This will be the largest building project to date.  Then, in February of 2018, Pastors Barry and Donna will lead a team to hold the annual Pastors and Leaders Conference.  Matt & Lana Bender will serve as part of this team and Joel and Shirley Hackman will support our Gateway Church team as interpreters and instructors.

 The inspiration and memory of Steve Morris and his life of service encourages and compels us to continue to do our part in building God’s kingdom in Honduras.  We ask for your prayers for the upcoming trips and especially for the many pastors and people that have looked to Pastor Steve as their spiritual father, mentor and friend.

  • The ministry in Honduras continues to prosper by God's grace. A few months ago an
    independent church in Tocoa has come under our ministry covering, Palabra Viviente.
    The pastors are Patricio and Maria Posantes.
    We have also recently connected with another independent church in Olanchito, also
    wanting to come under our ministry covering. The pastors are Cesar and Maria Urbina.
    It is a larger than average congregation meeting in a nice facility near the center of
    town. Pastor Carlos has been traveling to Olanchito for the last several weeks to
    minister at the church. We plan on having a foundational training with their leaders
    within the next months.
    After the February leader's conference in Corozal I will spend three additional weeks
    visiting the new churches in Tocoa and Olanchito as well as other churches in Colon.
    In July pastor Barry and I will be ministering at the Annual Garifuna Leader's
    Conference being held this year in Trujillo which is three hours east of La Ceiba. After
    the conference, the plan would be to hold a two-day leader's seminar in Colon and also
    be ministering at village churches for the remainder of my time there.
    The beginning of September I plan to lead a construction team to build a church in the
    village of Despertar in Colon. This will be the largest building that we have built to date.
    After the construction team returns to the states I will remain a few more weeks for
    leader training and ministering in the village churches.
    I am planning to make a additional trip to Honduras in November to hold a training
    seminar for leaders and minister in the village churches. This is stepping out by faith for
    the finances for this trip so please pray with me. Thank you.
    Honduras-2017 and Beyond
    Never expected yet a reality- on May 14th, 2017 Our precious Apostle
    and long-time overseer of Palabra Viviente suddenly went
    home to be with the Lord. After entering the hospital for routine gall
    bladder surgery, complications set in and in a matter of days Steve
    (Esteban). Morris was gone.
    According to Steve's wishes, after a memorial service here at
    Gateway Church, I and his wife Valarie along with a small team took
    Steve's ashes to be spread in the Ocean at the village of Corozal.
    From the beginning days of Steve going up and down the village
    streets with nothing more then a bible and a guitar to over thirty
    thriving churches, Steve's life was cut off short,but surely not wasted.
    It is now time for the remaining of the team,along with the Honduran
    Pastors and leaders to step up and continue the vision of growing
    leaders and planting churches. I will continue my roll as Apostolic
    overseer of the ministry. Matt and Lana Bender will give leadership to
    the team along with our teacher and interpreter Joel Hackman. Also
    Joel's wife Shirley will help us with teaching.
    All this being said, we go forward with the call. In September of this
    year we send a building team down to work on our biggest church to
    date in the village of Despertar. Then plans are already in order for
    our annual Pastors and leaders conference in February of 2018.
    Our brother may be gone but we are here and we must work while It is
    day for the night cometh when no man can work!!- John 9:4



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Gateway Church is excited to be a part of what God is doing in Honduras, Central America. 

 In the 1980's, a long time friend and member of Gateway, Pastor Steve Morris, started in the village of Corozal with a Bible and guitar visiting house to house sharing the gospel. Before long a congregation was started that had a vision to share the gospel wth neighboring villages. Over the years that "planted seed" has grown to more than two dozen churches and the ministry of Misión Palabra Viviente (Living Word Mission) was formally established.

 For many years, Gateway teams have traveled to this beautiful country and witnessed the goodness of God for the extraordinary citizens of Honduras. Through our network of churches, we are able to connect with and support the pastors and their people. In addition to work trips, we host an Annual Pastors' Conference for dozens of Honduran Church leaders.